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Whether you're of the mind to quit smoking or just looking for your right to experience the calm cool relaxed feeling of inhaling a cigarette, this site is for you.  With blended tastes and varied strengths of nicotine, you can tailor a program to suit your virtual smoking desires.

The V-Smoke-Shop, is the Virtual Smoke Shop for all  your e Cigar, e Cigarette and e Pipe needs. Quality electronic cigarettes and accessories.

In order to fix anything we first have to know what's wrong with it. I have published an article Quit Smoking - Getting over the Psychological Dependency and it  gives an understanding of where the problem with cigarette smoking is. There are other issues I know that are of concern including the weight gain associated with giving up cigarettes and the premature aging of skin because of smoking. In the coming days I will activate links here to articles that will explain the thought behind these issues.

Another area that is in development now is a V Smoking Room, not a support group, but an area where, if you wish you can discuss and help others make their way to nicotine repacement. It will consist of new technology that you can take home with you.

It is important to understand that only about 10% of smokers have been able to quit cigarette smoking "cold turkey". Others of us have tried and tried again without success but getting the nictone for another source will improve our chances. The first two or three weeks are the most challenging, it is getting over the additives that makes it difficult.

One thing that I can say though is, make sure you have a supply of nicotine cartridges on hand after you've made it through the first two or tree weeks without smoking a cigarette, because you will hate the idea having to go back to a stinking cigarette knowing there is a cold clean substitute.

If you are interested in updates or the Stop Smoking Program email us so we have your email address. You can also subscribe to the RSS Feeds.


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Quit Smoking - Why?

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Smoke Anywhere with the V Smoke, the e Cigarette

Why do we smoke? It is for the calm cool feeling that we get when the nicotine gets to the brain and releases the dopamine that allows us that...

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